Saturday Night at Home

We opted to stay home this Saturday night while daddy is at the cold Iowa State football game. Instead we’re watching it on tv while we snuggle with Wrigley.

We didn’t stay home all night. We went uptown and watched a lighted parade, watched the courthouse Christmas trees be lit, and strolled around the shops. I wore Maximus in a Moby wrap, which is a very long piece of fabric that wraps around my body and then you slip the baby in. It’s really comfortable and is secure so it can be handsfree. I had some hot cider and a cookie before taking my sleeping babe home. I don’t like being cold so an hour was long enough!

My little snuggler has a new favorite toy. Looks like we’ll have a habit to break in a few years. I’m not sure how easy it is to break a 4 month olds new trick. So I guess we’ll see where this takes us.

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